This page has been specifically been made to accompany my Dutch blog page with the same general purpose; to relate my experiences starting off as an apiarist or beekeeper (will mostly be sticking to the latter term from now on in). As there were some people who wanted to read the articles I put on my Dutch blog page who don’t speak or read Dutch. As I’m bilingual it would only take time to basically translate some of the Dutch articles to English. Not all, as not all articles are equally related to beekeeping.

I am accustomed to the Dutch beekeeping “shop talk” so I will get a lot of the English terminology wrong. And there are a good number of articles to translate so it will not be complete tomorrow. It will be an ongoing process that will take a number of days of work. I hope to keep up the “translations” throughout this year at least while I tend to my bees.

Addition: Having completed the translations some time ago, I now mainly write the English blog posts before I write the Dutch version/translation. It now sometimes happens that I write an English blog post that I don’t translate to Dutch and the reverse will undoubtedly also happen.

Well, I’ll get on with it.


PS: If you find a mistake, be it either a spelling or grammatical mistake or a mistake in my bee practices I’d love to hear about it. I’m a dyslectic and a starting beekeeper so I’m sure to be making mistakes on both fronts.

PPS: I finished translating all the old articles I meant to and wrote two new English only ones so I’m off script. I also just wanted to add that my background is that of a biologist who studied to become a molecular biologist which in no way helps me in this endeavor. So please call me on my BS.


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